Official Artwork
Level High
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Saix (Former)
Main Ability Berserk
Reaction Command Magna Storm

Berserkers are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII. They are likely one of the closest Lesser-forms to being human-form, given their near-human appearance and immense strength.

Appearance Edit

With the exception of the rare Twilight Thorn, Berserkers are the largest type of Lesser-form, much larger than a large man. They stand approximately seven to eight feet tall, with very large, muscular chests and massive, cylindrical forearms and lower legs, attached to the huge torso by disproportionately short and thin upper arms and legs. They have very large, blocky hands and very tiny heads, and have either dark gray or black skin.

They wear a brownish gray, purple-lined, tight-fitting, high-collared shirt that is tucked into their pants and gauntlets. Their pants are silver, with a point like those of the Nobody insignia extends up over the torso, and are tucked into their boots. Their boots are dark gray outside and muted purple inside, with the tops, complete with another point, folded down. They wear cylindrical silver helmets and gauntlets that cover from their elbow to wrist, leaving their gray-black hands uncovered.

Hammer Edit

Berserkers wield massive hammers, which they seem bound to. They rarely appear without one, and when they've lost their, they can pull them back into their hands. When not used, they are usually held over the Berserker's shoulder, or planted in front of them, effectively guarding any frontal attack. The Hammers are longer than a Berserker is tall.

In battle, the Hammer becomes the conscious being, dragging the Berserker along with it on its attacks, and sometimes even swinging the Berserker while staying still, letting the Nobody become the weapon. They can absorb the energy of a Berserker to make themselves more powerful, causing the Berserker to shrink to almost nothing. When in their Berserk state, the Hammers glow blue-white, and the Berserker becomes invulnerable.

By stunning a Berserker, its Hammer can be stolen, causing the wielder to enter a Berserk state, barely able to control the actions of the hammer.