BooBoo is the Heartless of Exallgra. It is a one-of-a-kind Heartless, command-level, and seemingly with some intelligence. It is extremely dangerous, and had loyalty only to Exallgra, its master, when she was alive. It is generally referred to as female because of Exallgra's gender.

Story Edit

Appearance Edit

BooBoo is a large, green, scaled monster with two heads. Each head can function individually of the other, though the body functions as one. Each head has a wide, toothy mouth with a forked tongue and a single huge red eye. Instead of legs, it has six human arms on which it walks. It has a thick tail, and all are attached to a large, round body.

Fear & Toxin Edit

BooBoo's main weapon is fear. The more afraid a foe is, the larger BooBoo seems to become around them, and the faster. And the more terrible she becomes from the fear, the more those around her fear her, only increasing her power.

In BooBoo's fangs is a toxin that instills fear, dread, and paranoia in those she bites. The fear often turns allies against each other, will send people running and hiding, or even driving them to madness and death. It can be fought off by a strong will and the knowledge that the fear comes from the toxin, though it is impossible to completely drive off the effects, and one will still become at least paranoid and jumpy from even a small dose.

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