Official Artwork
Number 47
Title The Inquisitive Savage
A.K.A. Cev, Cevvy
Weapon Veiners
Element Leather
Position Member
Rank Recruit
Homeworld Deep Jungle
Age of Appearance 3 (in cat years), appears 22
Original Name Nivec

Cevnix is a Nobody in Organization Eternal. Originally a large cat from the Deep Jungle, he became a human-form Nobody when he lost his heart, though retained some of his feline traits. He is known as The Inquisitive Savage.

Story Edit

Appearance & Personality Edit

Weapon & Element Edit

Leather Edit

Veiners Edit

Relationships Edit

Cevnix normally tends to keep to himself. He's not very sociable due to his insecurity over the way he speaks. He has started to speak socially with Tilxainc, and has previously had friendly conversations with Lixya and Lyx, though this was long ago and he has not gotten the chance to be more involved with either. He is romantically involved with the Nobody Llexnie, though she is not a member of Organization Eternal.

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