Official Artwork
Level Mid-High
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Demyx (former)
Main Ability Kick, Throw, Skate
Reaction Command n/a

Dancers are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Dancers were the only expressly female Lesser prior to Organization Return, and are still one of only few that even appear as either gender. Their uniform consists of loose orange pants, an orange beanie with a "tail," brown scarves, brown spiked bracelets and curled, pointed shoes. Unlike most Lessers, Dancers have pale yellowish skin, with dark brown lines that appear to make part of the Nobody insignia, disappearing under their scarves. They are very thin, like most Lessers, though have very wide hips. When not in action, they will often twitch their hips back and forth.

Abilities & Weapons Edit

Dancers are the only higher-level Lesser to not have their own weapon. However, they do not need one - their fighting skills are perfectly adequate without them. They can "dance" around quite nimbly, appearing to skate across dry ground. They spin, twist, and flip around the battlefield, using their spiked bracelets and sharp heels to attack during their attacks. They are hard to predict, and their attacks send enemies flying, making them one of the hardest Lessers to defeat.