Dark City Electric
Company Logo
Founder Xemnas? Larxene?
CEO unknown
World of Origin The World that Never Was
Locations The Dark City, The Palace of Dusk
Type of Business utility

Dark City Electric is a power plant located southeast of Memory's Skyscraper on Fragment Crossing that provides power to parts of the Dark City and the Palace of Dusk.

Founding Edit

Dark City Electric was founded shortly after the creation of the World that Never Was to power the area of the Dark City around Memory's Skyscraper. It was likely founded by Xemnas himself, possibly with help from his member with control of electricity, Larxene.

Locations Edit

Dark City Electric only functions on the World that Never Was. There are likely many locations across the massive city-world.

Workings Edit

Dark City Electric converts energy from the heat produced by Blaze Crystals into electricity, transfers electric energy from Lightning Crystals, or simply collects lightning from the thunderstorms that occur often over the Dark City. They also provide buildings in the Dark City with lightning rods and heating materials.