Official Artwork
Level Mid-High
Affiliation Organizations, I.N.A.
Leader Xaldin (former), Sir Lionel
Main Ability Jump, Warp
Reaction Command Learn

Dragoons are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Dragoons are rarely truly seen. Their tight purple and silver jumpsuits cover most of their bodies, and cover their heads with a massive dragon-head shaped hood. Their heads lay hidden behind red straps holding their hoods closed. They wear wide, thick leather leggings, one embroidered with a Nobody insignia, that go over their jumpsuits from their thigh to their clawed toes. The red straps on their hoods can also be found all over their bodies.

Their bodies are slim and elongated, with dark gray skin and wings of white and purple. They have very long arms, and long, animal-like feet.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Dragoons are one of the most skillful Lessers. They are able to use their warping ability very quickly and with great accuracy, dodging attacks and attacking from above when not expected. Their two signature attacks are Learn, where they track a target's location, to warp directly over them and drop down as an attack, and Jump, where they jump into the air and hit down, creating a shockwave to damage enemies. Skilled enemies can also use their warp zones to do the same against them.

Dragoons use long lances, decorative lances in battle, usually held downward to attack.