Official Artwork
Level Low
Affiliation Organizations
Leader n/a
Main Ability None
Reaction Command Reversal

Dusks are the most common type of Lesser Nobody. Unlike many specific kinds of Nobodies, Dusks were not created by a human-form. They often appear with Creeper partners.

Appearance Edit

Dusks are very thin, mostly human-shaped Lesser-forms. They have dark gray or black skin, though this can only be seen through their zipper "mouth." They do not appear to have hands. They wear white body gloves that cover their entire bodies, even their heads. The "hands" of their suit have two dark lines going up the wrist, and are wrapped with two dark bands, buttoned on. Along their sides from the sole of their foot to their armpit are blue strips with patches of white. The top of their suits are emblazoned with the Nobody insignia.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Dusks have the fewest abilities of the Lessers, only being able to do what all Lessers do - seemingly defy gravity (though they seem to do it more than most) and warp in and out of an area. They also have no weapons.

Reversal Edit

Dusks are easily confused by simply moving out of their sight quicker than their senses can follow. Doing so will stun them for several moments, while they try to gain their bearings. Creepers also fall pray to this confusion, though it is easier to do this move around Dusks.