Started/Editing a World Page? Here's our format:

Start off with the world template:

|name =
|image =
|aka =
|realm =
|locale =
|affiliation =
|type =
|leader =
|villain =

A.K.A. is only for if the world has gone by other names (e.g.: Radiant Garden and Hollow Bastion) Realm indicates which Plane of Existence the world is located in: the Realm of Light, of Darkness, or of In-Between Locale refers to where in the Plane of Existence it is located: Near the Core, an Outer World, an Inner World, close to another Realm, etc. Affiliation can mean whether a world is tied to Light, Darkness, is Neutral, or is controlled by a certain group. Type refers to what type of world it is, in an OOC sense: Is it Disney-based, a Kingdom Hearts Exclusive world, an Original world, or some Other kind? World Leaders and Villains are rather obvious. If one of these does not apply to a world, simply put N/A

Give a brief description of the world in the opening, starting as such:

'''World Alpha''' is a [[World]] in the [[Planes of Existence|Realm of Blank]].

Follow that with any important information, but do not add more than is necessary.

Below, add the following Headings:

== Locations ==

=== Location 1 ===

=== Location 2 ===

== Features ==

== Local Enemies ==

== See Also ==

In Locations, list all notable locations, such as the Castle of Radiant Garden or the 2nd District in Traverse Town. In Features, list all unique features of that world, such as Twilight Town's Struggle In Local Enemies, list all the Heartless that appear on that world, along with any other enemies that appear exclusively there, and provide links to the indifidual Heartless' pages. In See Also, link the page to other related pages.

Feel free to add other headings that have a significant importance to the world, or are notable in the OE universe, such as "Notable Inhabitants" or "Chain of Command."

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