Official Artwork
Number n/a
Title The Scaled Predator
A.K.A. Exall
Weapon Bone Hammer
Element Camouflage
Position n/a
Rank n/a
Homeworld Monstropolis
Age of Appearance early-mid 20's
Original Name Allegra

Exallgra is a very independent Nobody who has existed as such since the time of Organization XIII. She dislikes and distrusts all other human-form Nobodies, and only takes the company of those she wishes to use, and BooBoo, her monstrous Heartless. Once, she was a reptilian monster, and is now known as The Scaled Predator.

Story Edit

Appearance & Personality Edit

Though she appears to be human, her previous reptilian nature is apparent in her appearance. She has no hair anywhere on her body, and what appears to be hair on her head is in fact feathers styled to resemble hair. She has no nipples or naval, and her breasts do not bulge as they would with a mammal.

She tends towards very revealing and form fitting clothing, not because she's trying to be flirtatious or alluring, rather because she admires her own body, as 'freakish' as some call it. She has two industrial piercings in her left ear.

She's amazingly patient and rather quiet in most situations but if you strike up conversation with her, it won't take long to realize she has a slight superiority complex. The majority of life she encounters is little more than amusing to her and she takes great joy in finding and exploiting people's fears. She has been known to pretend to be kind to people only to get close enough to hurt them, even those on her side.

She has no problem with taking orders though, seeing them simply as something to do. She will do everything from simple recon to eliminating a traitor without so much as batting a (nonexistent) eyelash.

Weapon & Abilites Edit

Bone Hammer Edit

Camouflage Edit

Relationships Edit

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