The Fabled Countryside
World Logo
A.K.A. Yen Sid's Tower, The Mysterious Tower
Realm Realm of In-Between
Locale Neutral
Affiliation None
Type Kingdom Hearts Exclusive
World Leader Yen Sid
World Villain N/A

The Fabled Countryside is a solitary World in the Realm of In-Between. It is a very strange world, and its only known inhabitant is Master Yen Sid.

It appears to be comprised of many green hills floating stationary in a sea of clouds at sunset. A single landmass floats above all the others, disconnected from everything. On this levitating chunk of rock stands Master Yen Sid's Mysterious Tower, where he exiled himself after his retirement as a Keyblade Master. From here, he keeps a watch on the stars so he can understand what is happening in the Planes of Existence.

Yen Sid's Tower Edit

The Ghost Train Edit

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