Official Artwork
Number 42
Title The Vile Mist
A.K.A. Fen
Weapon Naginata
Element Mist
Position Member
Rank Recruit
Homeworld Sercoss
Age of Appearance 19
Original Name

Fenrisulfx, The Vile MistEdit

Fen is a male mithran.

  • He is apox. 6'4" and weighs around 175lbs
  • Eyes are green
  • Hair is brown
  • Black tips on ears and tail
  • Relaxed posture at all times

His somebody name was Fulserif

Rank #42Edit

Despite his numbered rank and apparent lack of experience fen has been in Org Eternal for a very long time.

When less active members were removed and he was set to gain rank he refused. he claims that his rank helps define who he is and quote "If I change my rank the bosses will give me missions in which I would have to fight and could get hurt. Not to say those aren't fun, but I just enjoy fighting other people rather than heartless. I'll stick to my dishwashing and gardening."

Fen is supersticious about changing his number as well, stating that "changing my rank is like renaming a boat, it's full of bad mojo."


Fen controls mist and most water vapors and can change his entire body into a mist itself.

He has much less control of mist that is not from himself, and rarely uses it due to this fact.

He uses his power as a way to quickly move from place to place, create illusions of himself or others and reconstruct his own damged flesh or to separate limbs so as they wont be destroyed. His powers are heavily based on freedom of movement, speed, and shock damage.


His weapon is a Naginata, and while he rarely uses it, It is one of his most powerful attack types.

Although rare in the recent org eternal, Fen learned much of what he knows through fighting in the TR. Fighting members over and over to get his skills p to par. he learned to use his weapon and his power in unison to devestating effects.

Fen is a high velocity fighter and tends to fight through attrition or complete destruction. Almost all of his fighting moves can be used as torture or can kill within seconds if not treated correctly.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Reforming his own bodyparts inside the respitory track of an enemy.
  • forming blood clots out of his skin inside the enemy through water absorbtion.
  • eroding skin off of an enemy like a pressure hose.
  • breaking off his hand inside someones mouth.

moves such as hypersaturating his blood with oxygen are rare and extremely painful and dangerous, but they can provide him with much quicker movement.

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