Official Artwork
Level Low-Mid
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Luxord (former)
Main Ability Transfigure
Reaction Command Begin Game, Stop Dice

Gamblers are a peaceful type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Gamblers wear one of the most elaborate uniforms of all kinds of Nobodies. Their uniforms most resemble the Nobody insignia, with their hoods and collars making the top three points, and their flared capes filling out the shape. The sleeves of their outfit are incredibly slim, expanding out to large bell shaped ends, where their hands are not visible at all. A cape falls down and flares out from their jacket, surrounding their midsection to their legs where their stomach expands before shrinking down to their hips as they expand out again. Their legs are short and stubby before spiking out in long pointed feet. They are almost always seen juggling cards and dice.

They have two alternate forms: one in which the two halves of their uniform separate and become two separate balls of Nothingness, the other, the bottom half of them disappears entirely, replaced by a circle of cards. They use the latter form to fly around, seemingly using the circling cards to propel them forward.

Beneath their uniforms, they have no visible form. They are apparently pure Nothingness under it, though there are many open places, which seems to defy common nature of Lesser-forms. However, some say to have seen their mouths at the end of their very long necks, with the upper half of their head hidden beneath their hoods.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

Gamblers tend to be the least aggressive Lesser-form, attacking less often when an enemy is near that their comrades.

Their primary attack is flipping upside down and spinning like a top, using their long pointed feet to attack multiple times while they spin. They also summon massive dice of Nothingness energy and hurl it at opponents. They're opponents can, however, reflect the die back at them. Similar to Creepers, they are able to alter their shape when not attacking, as mentioned above. When not attacking or hovering in one of their alternate forms, they will generally stand around, spewing cards and dice out of their sleeves.

They often prefer to play games with their foes, rather than attack. They will play gambling games, similar to Luxord, in which the person encountering them will need to either find and choose the correct placement of a card or dice face, often marked with a red "O" as all other sides and cards have "X"s resembling Roxas' necklace. Winning the game will result in the gambler bearing prizes to the player, and loss will result in the player being changed into a dice or card temporarily. While this form does have battle capability, it is extremely weak and they will take this opportunity to attack the player.