"Do you could, maybe...make me human? Just for a day?"
—Sir Lionel

The Independence Amulet is a small amulet on a cord necklace created by Xeros for Sir Lionel.

Creation Edit

Upon asking if her power could be used to make him a human-form for even a limited time, Xeros created this amulet for Sir Lionel, allowing him to become human at his discretion.

Usage Edit

The amulet, when worn, will turn an Independent Lesser into a human-form Nobody for as long as they wear it. In order for it to work, the Nobody who wears it must be an extremely developed Lesser. If they have not reformed enough for it to work, the amulet will have no effect. The amulet returns them to their physical Body that they mostly lost upon becoming a Nobody. However, they do not gain new abilities as if they were a human-form Nobody, such as controlling an element or a new weapon. As well, they do not regain their lost memories or any items they left behind.

Only two Independent Nobodies have used this so far: Sir Lionel, for whom it was made, and Greav, his unofficial second-in-command at INA.

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