Independent Nobodies are a type of Lesser Nobody that have regained enough of their humanity to cast away the normal bonds of the Lessers and act of their own accord, rather than submitting to human-form command.

Becoming Independent Edit

Lesser-forms have been known to "evolve" and become more human over time. After surviving years as a Lesser-form, the Nobody begins to reform a persona based on their personal experiences and memories since losing their Heart, even if they do not remember their life prior. Gaining new memories and a new sense of self makes the Nobody more "real," and the Nothingness within them begins to be replaced by actual flesh. Upon discovery of this, the Nobodies begin to embolden and start actively creating a new life for themselves, speeding the process. Once their body has completely coated with skin and flesh, they are able to remove their uniforms or change them however they please without fear of fading from existence. Though it takes a long time, organs can also begin to appear.

Due to no longer needing commands from their human-form counterparts for their safety and beginning new lives on their own, they will often break away from control.

Appearance Edit

The appearance of Independent Nobodies varies greatly, due to their ability to alter their own appearances, something that they often do to great extent. Besides changing their outfits, Independents have been known to get piercings and tattoos, wear various forms of makeup, and even attach new appendages to appear more (or less) human. They are also known to work out to increase their muscle so as to have more "real" in them.

Uniform Alteration Edit

Sir Lionel Edit

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Sir Lionel was the first known Independent Nobody, and is the longest-surviving known Lesser-form. It was he who first introduced the concept to the Lesser community and began the Independent Nobody Association. He is regarded majorly as the leader and hero of the Independent Nobodies, and even of the Lesser "race."

I.N.A. Edit

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The Independent Nobody Association was formed as a home for Nobodies who no longer wished to live under Organization rule. A good many Independent Nobodies have joined since its inception several years ago.

The I.N.A. also does work around the World that Never Was to assist the Lesser community living amongst human-forms.

Becoming Human Edit

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Thus far, it is unknown if it is possible for a Lesser-form to evolve so far as to actually appear or become fully human. However, using a special amulet created by Xeros, it is possible for a highly developed Independent Nobody to appear as their human-form.

Known Independent Lessers Edit