The Inner Worlds are Worlds that exist within other worlds. They are rare, but do exist.

Known Inner Worlds Edit

Realm of Light:

  • 100 Acre Wood
    • A children's storybook that has its own Heart. Readers can enter the book and become part of the story. It's Keyhole is the seal on the cover. It appears to be very important to many people.
  • Space Paranoids
    • Better known as the Radiant Garden Operating System, Space Paranoids is a world within a computer whose inhabitants are programs of various sorts.
  • The Holiday Towns
    • A collection of small worlds that all exist within the same world, in charge of the seven major holidays.
  • Neverland
    • A fantasy world where no one ever ages, only reached by using Pixie Dust in Great Britain.

Realm of In-Between:

  • Virtual Twilight Town
    • An almost-perfect digital copy of Twilight Town created by Ansem the Wise to store the captive Nobody Roxas. There are however several flaws in the program.
  • Oblivion World Doors
    • The floors of Castle Oblivion can be made into miniature replicas of worlds by using the unique World Cards that work in the Castle.
  • Organization Eternal Operating System
    • A digital world inside Organization Eternal's computer network

Keyblade Edit

The Inner Worlds, while being part of their Realms and under the jurisdiction of their Realm's Keyblade Master, do also have their own Keyblade and Master. However, the Keyblade Master of the Inner Worlds, Christopher, died in the Organization Eternal prison cells after becoming a Rogue, and his Keyblade was shattered by Xiron. It is unknown of anyone has inherited this Keyblade, or if the Keyblade still works.

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