This is the article for the Complete Being Kayi Rayol. If you are looking for their Nobody, see here: Xikya. If you are looking for her Heartless, see here: Kayi (Heartless).

Kayi Rayol
Official Artwork
A.K.A. Xikya (Nobody), 31F6E
Title Officer 31F6E, Kayi Rayol of the Wings (former)
Affiliation The Wings (former)
Homeworld Finality
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Dark Magenta
Job Rebel (former)
Class Rogue
Weapon Proficiency Daggers
Magic Proficiency None

Kayi Rayol is the Somebody of Xikya and Kayi (Heartless). Throughout her life she watched the fear the Military brought upon the civilians, one of the causes of her choice to join the resistance. However, she would later abandon the city entirely and leave for the forests at the outskirts.


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Early LifeEdit

For the first decade of Kayi's life, nothing of true notability occured. With her parents, Kavel and Cas, and her younger brother by two years, Ciryl, she lived a somewhat peaceful life in the seemingly orderly City of Finality.

The WingsEdit


Squad B of Section 85, South DistrictEdit


Living in the ForestsEdit