The King
Official Artwork
A.K.A. Your Majesty, Boat Boy King
Title The King of the Realm of Light
Keyblade Kingdom Key D
Affiliation Light
Fighting Style Aerobatic Melee
Homeworld Disney Castle
Height Approx. 3'
Hair Color Pitch Black Fur
Eye Color Black

The King is the Lord of the Realm of Light, commanding all interconnection between Worlds. He is also a Keyblade Master of the Kingdom Key Darkside Keyblade. He presides over the Cornerstone of Light, and defends the entire Realm of Light from any threat. He is so far the only known person to enter and travel through the Realm of Darkness for an extended period.

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Keyblade Edit

The King is the wielder of the Dark Realm's Kingdom Key. As such, it is possible that he was chosen to defend the Realm of Darkness while the Keyblade Master was chosen for the Realm of Light.

Despite his tiny stature, the King is one of the most powerful and agile fighters ever seen, able to destroy Darkside Heartless in a single blow with a base-form Keychain and capable of performing incredible acrobatics around large numbers of enemies and slaying them without ever being touched.

White Magic Edit

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The King also uses incredibly powerful White Magic, even using it as an offensive tool. His signature magic attack is called "Pearl," which attacks enemies with orbs of pure Light. He can also use classic restorative White Magic, most notably in the spell "Healing Light," which revives an unconscious ally and fully heals their injuries.

Light Aura Edit

The King appears to have enough Light within his Heart to never need to worry about becoming Heartless. He was able to go directly into the Realm of Darkness and travel for some time within it without any apparent detriment. He has also been known to use Corridors of Darkness without a Black Coat seemingly without worry. He was also able to revive the Light in the Road to Dawn's Keyblade Master when he was overcome by his own Darkness, and traveled alongside him in Castle Oblivion almost exclusively as an orb of Light. When in the Dark Realm, he appears as a silhouette surrounded by a warm glow, and only the hand holding the Dark Realm's Kingdom Key could be clearly seen.

It is possible he has a pure Heart, similar to the Princesses of Heart. It could also be that he was gifted with Light by the Cornerstone of Light over which he presides, protecting him from the Darkness. Or it could simply be that being in close proximity to the Cornerstone of Light, along with having a naturally Light Heart anyway, could have made him almost completely pure, and virtually immune to the Darkness.

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