This is the article in progress for the Nobody Superior Kuxaam.



Official Artwork
Number Formerly - I / Now unaffiliated
Title The Kinetic Corsair
Weapon Two personalized machete
Element Vibration
Position Ex -Founder
Rank Superior
Homeworld Caura
Age of Appearance 23
Original Name Kamau

Kuxaam is a young Nobody who led Organization Eternal. He has now left the Organization of his own accord to further his own goals.


Kuxaam led the Organization, attempting to bring his dreams into fruition. But finding that he could not approach his goal from the angle, he decided to retire his role as the leader of Organization Eternal, and left his loyal friend Xirak in charge of the group's affairs.



Kuxaam has no blood relatives, and unlike many of his members has had no children or personal relationships of note formed with his members, (Save two members: Xirak, and Xantha) although he did care for them deeply. Xantha is the only one of his members to remain in contact with him.


Xiron had been his second in command, nearly Kux's opposite in stature and attitude. While Xiron has more experience leading, he has his own aspects in leading that help his organization overall that definitely command respect most important having been his vision and drive to achieve it. The two worked together as a team on most decisions in the organization, it takes a group effort to run such an unruly organization. However the two almost never had any qualms during their operation and work. Being more of the face of the organization while Xiron is the backing, the two manage the spryly members the best that they can manage. Where Kuxaam may be hurried and brash, Xiron is there to calm and slow his temper. The two often go out to the bar and drink while discussing further business, they dont pay their tab and have been kicked out of more than one. They first met in a bar, where Kux recruited him.


The only member to still remain in contact with Kuxaam, it's said that their relationship borders on romantic, though it never seemed as if either would admit to it. Being without any children of his own, Kuxaam cares for her child, Kyler to the best of his ability.

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