Light Armor is a type of armor, most well-known for being worn by Keyblade Masters. As such, it is also known as Keyblade Armor. It has a futuristic style, covers the entire body, and protects its wearer from Darkness, similar to Black Coats.


Light Armor appears as a futuristic, metallic bodysuit, jointed in many places to allow for full movement. From the neck down, it featured a mesh body-glove, layered over with plate armour. The helmet protrudes in the front and back, similar to a bicycle helmet, with most of the front composed of a durable, black, one-way see-through material that extends from around the nose to near the top of the helmet. Each helmet has two horn-/ear-like spikes rising from each temple.

The Armor appears to be customizable, each user having a slightly different style and color scheme. Generally the Armor consists of a 2-color color scheme. It also is sometimes seen with a mesh-fabric cape.

Strangely, the appearance of the armour when not in use does not necessarily resemble the armour when in-use at all.

Properties & Activation Edit

When not in use, Keyblade Armor appears as a single piece of armor worn over the clothing of its user. By hitting this piece of armor, the suit becomes activated, and instantly covers its wearer's entire body.

Like Black Coats, Light Armor prevents Darkness from seeping into the Heart through physical means. It may in fact be a greater shield than the coats, given its durability, full covering, and association with Light. However, it is also much more easily recognizable, and does not camouflage one from the eyes of those using Darkness, the way the coats can.

The Armor seems to offer the same protection when it is activated and when it is not, in regards to actually physical protection. However, when activated, it can act as a survival suit, assisting survival in even the most extreme environments, such as the vacuum of the Between.

Usage Edit

Keyblade Armor saw its height during the time of the Keyblade Masters, when nearly all those who fought for the Light would wear it when traversing worlds, or when faced with brutal Darkness.

When traveling through the Lanes Between without the help of a Gummi Ship, it allows its wearer to be unaffected by the raw Darkness of the universe, and to simply survive in the vacuum.

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