Official Artwork
A.K.A. Salvix (former Nobody name)
Title Keyblade Master of the Realm of In-Between
Keyblade Twilit Road
Affiliation In-Between, Keyblade Bearers, Organization Return, Organization Eternal
Fighting Style Varying
Homeworld Destiny Islands
Height 5'6"-5'9"
Hair Color Deep Red
Eye Color Blue

This is the article for the Complete Being Livas. If you are looking for his Nobody, see here: Salvix

Livas is the son of the fabled Keyblade Master of the Realm of Light and the Complete Being that created Salvix. Upon losing his heart, he was gifted with the Keyblade of the Realm of In-Between. He has used it to bring balance to the Nobody race several times.

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Main article: Salvix

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Livas was trained in swordsmanship when he was growing up by his father and "uncle" on Destiny Islands. However, he found that when the Heartless came to his world, his mediocre training could not help him. Upon becoming a Nobody, he found a new tutor in the Lord Knight Xiron. He now had the Keyblade of the Realm of In-Between, but Xiron continued to teach him swordsmanship, using both the Keyblade and a basic sword. After regaining his Heart, he continued to practice his swordsmanship, and traveled across the Realm of Light with his father, putting his blade to good use against Heartless.

As a Keyblade Master, Livas is also able to use the abilities of all Keyblade Masters, such as sealing/opening locks, summoning his blade, dual-wield Keyblades, etc. He also has power over the Heartless, always releasing their Hearts to Kingdom Hearts when he defeats them.

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As he is the Keyblade Master of the In-Between Realm, he uses mainly nonelemental magic attacks, though can also use weaker versions of Light and Dark attacks. He has used the Keyblade's special attack "Heart Lock," which fires a beam of light at an enemy's Heart and seals it, crushing them in. Only enemies with strong hearts can withstand this attack. He has also been known to use the nonelemental attack Ragnarok.

His signature attack is called "Master Hearts," in which he uses Nothingness energy to create a Heart-shaped target area on the ground nearby and release an explosion, dealing high damage to whatever is within its radius.

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  • Livas was originally named "Soru" by his creator. His name was changed to Livas due to his Nobody "Roxus" being to similar to "Roxas," causing confusion.

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