Yen Sid
Official Artwork
A.K.A. The Sorcerer
Title Keyblade Master
Affiliation N/A
Homeworld The Fabled Countryside
Height Tall
Hair Color Dark Gray
Eye Color Unknown
Job Mage, Keyblade Master, Soothsayer
Class Mage
Weapon Proficiency Keyblade
Magic Proficiency Creation, Star Reading, Advanced

Master Yen Sid is a retired Keyblade Master who has withdrawn from the world to the Fabled Countryside, where he trains pupils in the way of the Keyblade and Magic. Despite his retirement, he still keeps a close eye on what is happening across the Realm of Light, and often knows more than anyone else. He once wielded the Star Seeker Keyblade. He is sometimes known simply as The Sorcerer.

Story Edit

Appearance & Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Yen Sid, despite being a Keyblade Master, is most well recognized as a Master Magician, possibly the finest in the Realm of Light, only competing with the much more eccentric Merlin.

Pupils Edit

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