Official Artwork
A.K.A. n/a
Title Keyblade Master
Keyblade Way to Dawn
Affiliation Light, Order of Keyblade Masters, Disney Castle
Fighting Style Cut & Thrust
Homeworld Destiny Islands
Height Approx. 6'
Hair Color Silver-White
Eye Color Blue

The Master of the Way to Dawn is a Keyblade Master of the Realm of Light, chosen as a small child to be a defender of the Light. However, he once fell to Darkness, weakening his Heart and causing the Keyblade to abandon him for some time. Eventually, he was able to find the Light again, and became the wielder of the Keyblade that represented his journey: the Way to Dawn. Master Yen Sid named him a true Master, and shortly after, he helped to reform the Order of Keyblade Masters.

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