Below are listed some specific materials from the OE universe

Metals Edit

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Various kinds of Metals exist, and can be used in a variety of creations.

Mythril Edit

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Mythril is a blue-white metal that looks like pearl. It can be beaten like metal and polished like glass. It is one of the hardest materials known to man, stronger than tempered steel, though weighs only about the same as aluminum. This combination makes it extremely sought after. Elves and Dwarves on many worlds use this material in their crafts, especially in weapons and armor, though sometimes in jewelry as well. It has white magic properties, giving off Light aura.

Black Mythril Edit

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"Wow, it's really dense...What's it made of?"
"An orichalcum-steel alloy.
—Jinx and Xiron

Black Mythril, often mistaken by Xiron for Orichalcum, is an extremely rare, extremely dense material mined where other precious metals are found. Though much heavier than mythril, when alloyed, it becomes much stronger, longer lasting, and virtually unbreakable. It has a unique property of repelling Darkness, making it extremely valuable as a healing material when faced against creatures of Darkness, such as Heartless.

Orichalcum Edit

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Orichalcum is considered by some to be the ultimate material, having the properties of both White and Black Mythril. It is one of the rarest materials there is, and is found in the core of many ultimate weapons.

Adamantite Edit

Adamantite is a legendary material that can only be found on the shells of the Adamantoise. Shields made from Adamantite are said to repel any spell, and using it in a weapon can unlock its true potential.

Synthesis Materials Edit

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Many materials can be used in Moogle Synthesis, and they can be found in many places.

  • Blazing Crystal
  • Frost Crystal
  • Lightning Crystal
  • Lucid Crystal
  • Power Crystal
  • Dark Crystal
  • Dense Crystal
  • Twilight Crystal
  • Mythril
  • Bright Crystal
  • Energy Crystal
  • Serenity Crystal
  • Orichalcum
  • Spirit Crystal
  • Shiny Crystal
  • Mystery Goo
  • Gale
  • Dark Matter
  • Metals

Gummi Edit

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Gummi material is an extraterrestrial substance that instantly bonds to itself and can travel between worlds. It is commonly found blocking gummi routes between worlds.