This article regards the surviving Bioheartless who fled with Mia to Organization Eternal for protection from a destructive force on The World that Never Was. Before this, they lived with Mia in her claimed section of the Dark City.

Scamp Edit

Scamp is a Bioheartless Wolf, spawned from an infected canine.

Rascal Edit

Rascal was a Bioheartless Wolf, spawned from an infected canine.

She was killed after attempting to kill Xikya.

Squishy Edit

Squishy is a Bioheartless Cougar, spawned from an infected feline.

It is unknown whether Squishy is alive or not. He was last seen leaving Memory's Skyscraper for the Dark City.

Reginald Edit

Reginald was a Bioheartless Snake, spawned from an infected snake.

Reginald was killed by his "siblings" after they learned he had betrayed Mia and Nero to Exallgra, resulting in the former's death.

Nero Edit

Main article: Nero

Nero is a half-bioheartless, half-nobody child, with traits of both a cat and a human. She was Mia's only real child, fathered by Raxen.

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