World Logo
A.K.A. Mognet Headquarters
Realm Light
Locale Edge of Core
Affiliation Neutral
Type original
World Leader Montblanc
World Villain n/a

MogWorld is the homeworld of the Moogle race and Moogle Enterprises. It is a small, green world, that has been heavily industrialized over the years for the sake of Moogle Enterprises' vast inter-world market. Chocobos are also raised here.

Locations Edit

Mognet Headquarters Edit

The central hub of a major communications network that spans many worlds.

Moogle Enterprises Headquarters Edit

The goods for Moogle Enterprises that are sold across the Realm of Light and the Realm of In-Between are produced on this world by the Moogles.

Chocobo Farm Edit

Chocobos are raised here to be used as transport, pack animals, and even for power. Many nearby worlds have adopted them and started breeding their own.

Moogles Edit

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