Mythril is a rare set of Metals with unique properties.

White Mythril Edit

White Mythril, usually simply called Mythril, is the more commonly known strand. It is pearl-colored, can be polished like brass, and beaten easily like copper. However, when alloyed and tempered properly, it is nearly unbreakable.

It has powerful White Magic qualities, and is a widely accepted Light material. Under moon or star, it glows softly.

Black Mythril Edit

Black Mythril, mistaken by some to be Orichalcum, is a less noticed, but more common strand. It is the color of black opal and is extremely dense. When alloyed and tempered properly, it is nearly unbreakable. Though not as pretty, it can be made harder than White Mythril.

It has powerful repellent qualities against Darkness, and is useful against Darkness Infections.

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