The Spider, one of the larger Nobody fighters

Like Complete Beings and Heartless, Nobodies have their own Gummi Ships. They range from small, personal ships to massive battleships, cruisers, and carriers.

Basic Gummis Edit

The Nobodies have many small fighting ships (and several not-so-small) that often lay in wait along Gummi Routes for enemies. Types include:

  • Bombell
  • Bomber
  • Cyclops
  • Gatling Ship
  • Grappler
  • Hex Ring
  • Knight Head
  • Mad Rider
  • Mega Tank
  • Mystic Flyer
  • Phoenix
  • Ring Tank
  • Shield
  • Speeder
  • Spider
  • Spiked Roller
  • Tank
  • U.F.O.

Other Edit

Like complete beings, human-form Nobodies will sometimes use a regular gummi ship to travel rather than a Corridor of Darkness.

Fleet Edit

Organization XIII had a fleet of advanced, powerful, and very large gummi ships. The largest was the Dreadnaught battleship, itself the size of a city.

Assault of the Dreadnaught Edit

During their downfall, Organization XIII deployed their fleet over Twilight Town. While it is unknown why the fleet was hovering there, it is possible it was positioned there in an attempt to prevent the Keyblade Master from arriving in the Realm of In-Between, or as a desperate attempt to bring in the traitor Axel. Given the massive attack force that was seen dealing with Axel on the world below, the latter is likely.

Nobody? Edit

Little is known about the actual Nobody Gummi Fighters. It is possible that they are in fact Lesser Nobodies of various forms. They could also be machinations of Organization XIII that are controlled remotely, or advanced enough to control themselves. They could also be simply tiny versions of normal Gummi ships that are controlled by Lesser Nobodies inside.