Nothingness is one of the three elements of existence.

Element Edit

Nothingness is just that: Nothing. Void that has taken physical form.

The Nothingness element is what composes, in part or whole, Nobodies. Lesser Nobodies are composed almost entirely of the Nothingness Element, and must therefore stay within the confines of their uniforms to retain physical form and prevent themselves from dissipating from Existence.

Energy Edit

Nothingness energy can be in some part controlled by Nobodies. It most often is seen in bright red or pale pink and is able to be molded. Solid objects cannot pass through it. Pale blue lightning appears to be associated with it.

Thorns Edit

Nothingness can also be weaponized in the form of white and black strands that shoot out in crooked, lightning-like vines. These thorns can be seen anywhere that Nothingness is in its extreme form, such as Xemnas at his most powerful and the Absent Silhouettes.

Nobodies Edit

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Realm of Nothing Edit

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