An Organization is a collective group of Nobodies who have banded together in an attempt to regain their Hearts and return to their former lives.

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  • Organization XIII
  • Organization Return
    • Organization Return was founded by Raxen 20 years later as an effort to revive the Organizations and recreate the Kingdom Hearts created by Xemnas' Organization. It lasted little more than a year before inner turmoil and interference once again from the Keyblade Master brought it down. Using secret magic, the Hearts of most of the members were restored to them.
  • Organization Eternal
    • Organization Eternal began where Org. Return left off, created by its two surviving members. Based out of Memory's Skyscraper, it is one of the premier Organizations on the World that Never Was. It is very active across the Realm of Light and has several auxiliary bases.
  • Organization For Hire
    • Organization For Hire is a small Organization of mercenary Nobodies who hire their services out to any Organization or company.
  • Independent Nobody Association
    • The I.N.A. was the first Organizations created by and for Lesser Nobodies. Headed by Sir Lionel, it functions out of The World that Never Was.

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