Organization Eternal
OE Logo Gray
Organization Symbol
Founder(s) Xiron
Year Founded 31 AFX
Superior(s) Xiron and Xirak
Other Leaders Xyal, Rixnae, Xantha
Headquarters Memory's Sksycraper, TWTNW
Locations Athens, Grecian City-States
Rock Base, Land Down Under
We are Eternal, for you cannot kill what doesn't exist.
Organization Tagline
"We are eternal, for you cannot kill what doesn't exist."

This is the article about the Organization of Nobodies. If you are looking for the article about the real-world club, see here: Organization Eternal (club)

Organization Eternal is a relatively new Organization of Nobodies formed by Raxen and Xiron 31 years after the fall of Organization XIII. It was meant to be a new attempt at an Organization by the two after the fall of Organization Return. It's number of members is constantly changing.

Hierarchy Edit

Organization Eternal works on a ranking system based on the missions completed by its members. Members wear bands around the sleeves of their coats that signify their rank.

Above even the highest ranked members are the Commanders and Superiors. Xiron, and Xirak the two founders, are the Superiors of the Organization. The Commanders include Xyal, Rixnae, and Xantha. They are ranked between the Superiors and other top members, and can give orders in the absence of one of the superiors.

Formation Edit

20 years after the fall of Xemnas and Organization XIII, a young man and his love fell to the Heartless. The man awoke to find himself a Nobody, and his love a lowly Dusk. He vowed to find a way to return her heart. And so, like Xemnas before him, he created an Organization of Nobodies.

This first Organization failed, but the young man, Raxen, with his right hand man Xiron, and the Dusk-girl Amaya, persevered and created a second Organization while others were springing up around them. Focused in Memory's Skyscraper on the World that Never Was, they called themselves Organization Eternal.

Members Edit

Main article: List of OE Members

A rather large Organization of Nobodies, many of the members do not even know others. There are currently 19 members.

There is also an unnamed Nobody who enters the Organization in the game, known only as The Recruit.

Unofficial Members Edit

Main article: List of Unofficial OE Members

Organization Eternal has also been host to many Nobodies and other sorts who never officially joined the Organization, but are allied with them.

Other Affiliates Edit

Organization Eternal is notorious for aligning with non-Nobodies for the good and safety of Kingdom Hearts. Below are just some of the many they've worked with:

Enemies Edit

Organization Eternal has had many various enemies.

Equipment Edit

Despite what it seems at first glance, Organization Eternal is heavily armed and equipped. Their secondary base is in fact partly a weapons cache for any occasion, mostly for participation in the tournaments hosted nearby. They also have a small fleet of about a dozen Gummi Ships, and at least one Airship capable of spacetravel,plus Raxen's sportscar and Xiron's motorbike for ground travel.

They also hold a store of restorative items, synthesis materials, food (including a garden), and goods that can be used in the workshops or purchased from our own moogle shopkeeper, Mogxy.

Disorganized Edit

"Not a very organized organization, is it?"
—Many critics of OE

Organization Eternal is notorious for being a very disorganized Organization, an aspect that causes the Superiors much criticism from their enemies and rivals. However, despite having loose control over members and hardly ever having any suitable plan of action when not absolutely required, in times of need, they can become organized very quickly, and the members are willing to listen to and execute any commands from the superiors.

Location Edit


The less-used OE logo, featuring the Skyscraper

Memory's Skyscraper Edit

Main article: Memory's Skyscraper

Organization Eternal's main base is at Memory's Skyscraper on The World that Never Was. This is where most members live and spend their time.

Base Beta Edit

Organization Eternal's secondary base is in Athens on Olympus Coliseum, meant primarily to be a second home for members participating in tournaments there. It has space for about a half dozen members, and a cache of weapons and armor of all kinds, as well as a locker full of first aid and restorative items for recovery after a tournament round.

Base Gamma Edit

Organization Eternal's tertiary base is underground on the Land Down Under. This base was taken from the Keyblade Rogues after they were defeated. It serves as a way-station to the Outer Worlds, and as a prison for captured enemies.

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