Organization Return is an Organization of Nobodies created by, Xiron, and Sarxalis 20 years after the fall of Organization XIII.

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The only official rankings in Organization Return was "Superior" and "Member." The two Superiors, Sarxalis and Xiron, ran the Organization, made the decisions, and headed missions. All others were simply members who followed their command.

However, there were also the "Underground Members," Relix and his crew who were often considered below even the normal members due to their troublesome actions.

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  • Sarxalis - The Lady of Sleep, a former Nobody "greeter" who has spent many years as a Nobody
  • Xiron - The Silent Smith, a Knight longing to return home with his Heart
  • Nyxar
  • Relix - The Intuitive Tornado, a brilliant but misguided youth
  • Salvix - The Last Survivor, Master of the Keyblade of the Realm of In-Between

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