The Out Worlds or Outer Worlds are Worlds far beyond the core worlds of their Realm. They are often forgotten or even unknown by the other inhabitants of their Realm. Most have never received off-world visitors, and some have never even been in contact with Heartless. They are situated in the between, with no Gummi Routes connecting them. Lanes Between can sometimes be found near them, and several worlds have created non-gummi vessels that they use to traverse these Lanes.

Known Out Worlds Edit

Realm of LightEdit

Guardian World: Also called "Defender World" or "Gateway World"


  • Euclid
    • A world going through an industrial revolution, it is home of a rich elite and a massive poverty level. This is Raxen's homeworld.
  • The Four Kingdoms
    • A rural, feudal world where many rare materials are mined. Though war-torn, it also has a tranquil, calming aspect. This is Xiron's homeworld.
  • Ilestra
  • Koyeza
  • Sercoss
  • Dhairyliam
  • Finality
    • A world consisting of a large, circular city surrounded by forests. It has a bloody history in civil wars between the rebel group known as the Wings and the Military. It was once known as Nalezre. This is Xikya's homeworld.
  • Zerol
  • Heart Court
    • A world where the forces of magic and technology clash over control of the planet and its people's lives.

Boundary Worlds: Also called "Border Worlds" or "Dimensional Worlds," these worlds open to another dimension.

  • Ingary
    • A newly industrial world that still relies heavily on magic. (From Howl's Moving Castle)
  • Space Ports
    • This is a collection of small, inter-related worlds that share a single government. Using space cruisers, people of these worlds can traverse the Lanes Between from port to port, and sometimes move into the Core Worlds. (From Lilo and Stitch & Treasure Planet)

Out Worlds in other Realms are still undiscovered, if they exist

Keyblade Edit

Though part of their larger Realm, due to the likelihood that they will be unknown or forgotten by the Keyblade Master, the Out Worlds have their own Keyblade and Master. The Keyblade is commonly called Defender or Guardian, and its current wielder is Lenya Deikov.

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