"We call it the Palace of Dusk..."

The Palace of Dusk is a region on the World that Never Was where many human-form and lesser Nobodies have joined together and created a working community, much like what can be found on Traverse Town. It is self-governed, and offers homes, employment, and goods to Nobodies.

Hierarchy Edit

The Mayor of the Palace of Dusk and his Board of Supervisors run the small city within a city and all of its doings. There is a small police force that prevents crime, mostly made up of Berserkers and volunteer human-forms. Otherwise, all inhabitants are simply citizens with no particular ranking.

Formation Edit

The Palace of Dusk was formed several years after the fall of Organization XIII when human-form Nobodies began to gather in the Dark City.

Inhabitants Edit

Most of the human-form Nobodies of the World that Never Was who are not a part of an Organization live within the Palace of Dusk, along with a good number of Lesser Nobodies. It is currently home to more than 100 human-forms and possibly more than 1000 lesser-forms.

Equipment Edit

The Palace of Dusk features all the goods, services, amenities, and utilities of a normal city. It runs primarily on electric power generated by the nearby Dark City Electric Company on Fragment Crossing.

Locations Edit

The Palace of Dusk is located east of Memory's Skyscraper, west of the Lesser Neighborhood, and south of the Plain of Ruin.

Shopping Mall Edit

A large shopping mall has recently been built in the southern end of the Palace of Dusk. It contains many stores and restaurants. Young Nobodies often converge here. Security is tight here to prevent troublesome Nobodies from using their powers to loot.

Zero Apartments Edit

The majority of the town is composed of apartment buildings that house the human- and lesser-forms who live in the area. Most of the apartment buildings are run by Zero Apartments, a company that offers cheap housing for Nobodies. Most utilities are free here.

Shopping and Entertainment Edit

There are several restaurants in the Palace of Dusk, including at least three big-name fast food restaurants, a chinese take-out, and a Happy Heart Pizza establishment. There is also a bar, where Raxen and Xiron first met and discussed creating Organization Return.

Former Organizations Edit

Several small Organizations have attempted to take up residence on the fringes of the Palace of Dusk, though most have failed. One was completely destroyed by the Monstrous Nobody who attacked the Dark City.

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