Plains of Legend
World Logo
A.K.A. Wild West
Realm Realm of Light
Locale Core
Affiliation Neutral
Type Disney, Original
World Leader several
World Villain several

The Plains of Legend is a world on the fringe of the Core Worlds of the Realm of Light.

Locations Edit

The Big City Edit

Situated along the eastern coast, The Big City houses a lot of well-to-do folk: oil tycoons, railway owners, iron smelters, etc. Surrounding The Big City are many tenement buildings and dirty slums where their low-paid employees live.

The Mississippi Edit

The great river that divides the civilized East from the Wild Wild West. Ever since Louis and Clarke returned, many settlers have crossed this border.

The Wild West Edit

A huge expanse of land shifting from plains to desert. Settlers are slowly making their way across this land in their covered wagons, making new towns whereever might be prosperous. Farms and mines have been set up all over these lands.

In the south of The Wild West, there are the Lands of the Rio Grande, home of cowboys and bandits, where many a hero has been made.

Heroes of the West Edit

Louis and Clarke Edit

The first explorers to cross the Mississippi into the dangerous Wild West, led by the Native Sacagewea.

Pecos Bill Edit

An orphan raised by coyotes in the desert, he is the rootin'est, tootin'est cowboy north, south, east, or west of the Rio Grande. He once wrangled a twister and rode it instead of his untameable horse Widowmaker.

Paul Bunyan Edit

The greatest lumberjack the world has ever seen, he requires a massive blue ox named Babe to carry all his lumber. He was beaten in a contest by a steam-powered cutting engine, and retreated to the north to clear woods in private.

John Henry Edit

The greatest steel-driver who ever lived, John Henry laid many miles of railroad track nearly single-handedly. He too raced a steam-powered machine, and unlike Bunyan was able to win, but the effort drained him and he died in his victory.

Johnny Appleseed Edit

A pilgrim who made it his mission in life to cross the Wild West on his own two feet and plant apple orchards all across the wilderness, traveling with only his guardian angel for true companionship until the day he died.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Plains of Legend is based on the Disney animated cartoons based on the heroes of the American West - notably Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, and Johnny Appleseed. It is also based on the live action Disney movie Tall Tale.

Pocahontas could potentially exist in this world as well.

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