"Program Heartless"
Official Artwork
Type Emblem Heartless
Group Program
Weapon N/A
Element Thunder, Data
World Space Paranoids

Program-Type or Digital-Type Heartless are a group of Emblem Heartless that originate from within the digital world. They are virtual, though function exactly like a normal Heartless. They ordinarily do not exist outside the digital world. There are currently only three known varieties.

Varieties Edit

Magnum Loader Edit

Strafer Edit

Devastator Edit

Digitized Heartless Edit

These Heartless are not programs, but are instead Heartless that have entered the Digital World through certain technology. Other than their appearance, there is no difference between they and their real-world counterparts.

Digital Shadow Edit

Main article: Shadow

Digitized Shadow Heartless. No recognizable differences.

Digital Soldier Edit

Main article: Soldier

Digitized Soldier Heartless. Appear like programs - purple data lines.

Digital Emerald Blues Edit

Main article: The Music Group

Digitized Emerald Blues Heartless. Differences in coloration. Green data lines on hat.

Digital Bookmaster Edit

Main article: Bookmaster

Digital Cannon Gun Edit

Main article: Cannon Gun

Digital Surveillance Robot Edit

Main article: Surveillance Robot

See Also Edit

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