The Radiant Garden Academy is the premier institute in the Realm of Light for the arts of magic, science, and warfare. As its name suggests, it is located in Radiant Garden.

Garden Academy of Magic Edit

One of the highest grade magical institutes in the Realm of Light, surpassed only, it is said, by private tutelage from the Sorcerer Yen Sid. Under direction from the wizard Merlin, professors at the Radiant Garden Academy of Magic teach their pupils all levels and forms of magic available, except the Darkest forms.

Garden Academy of Science Edit

Some of the greatest known scientific minds have come out of the Radiant Garden Academy of Science. It is the leading research institute into the metaphysical concepts that dominate the Planes of Existence.

Garden Academy of Warfare Edit

The Radiant Garden Academy of Warfare trains potential recruits in the art of fighting, from martial arts to weapon specialization. Most of the participants in this branch are simply recruited into the core of the Radiant Garden Military, though some stay on and train to enter one of the elite branches: the SeeDs or the Elites.

See Also Edit

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