The Radiant Garden Military is, as its name suggests, the military branches that serve and defend Radiant Garden from hostile forces. They exist in four branches: Core, Elite, SeeD, and Commander.

Radiant Garden Military: Core Troops Edit

These troops represent the main forces of the Radiant Garden Military. They are the weakest trained, and do not specialize in any weapons.

Their uniform consists of black collared jackets with two rows of buttons down the front and a red heart on the breast, black pants, black leather boots and belts, white leather gloves with the heart symbol, and silver helmets with white visors.

They use straight, single-edged swords and three-shot pistols in battle. They generally learn no magic.

Radiant Garden Elite Corps Edit

These troops are the specialized branch of the Radiant Garden Military. Each Elite soldier trains and specializes in a single form of weapon.

Their uniform consists of a red-lined deep blue bomber jacket, khaki pants, two black belts and black boots, a red scarf-like collar, goggles, and bits of silver armor engraved with the heart symbol.

In addition to their specific weapon, Elites carry repeating rifles and fighting knives. They often learn some basic magic.

Radiant Garden SeeDs Edit

These troops are a separate division of the Military. Headed by Master Leonhart, they specialize in the use of the Gunblade - a unique sword-like mechanism who's firing mechanism gives the blade a burst of power and recoil for unique attacks - and "paramagic" - a form of Blue Magic that works by drawing magic in from the surroundings to use in battle.

Their uniforms consist of layered shirts and gambesons, red and black with gold trim and decals, brown pants, black boots and gloves, white belts and bracers, and a circular-brimmed helmet.

Gunblades Edit

Commanders Edit

See Also Edit

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