Official Artwork
Number n/a
Title The Enigmatic Summoner
A.K.A. Red
Weapon Summonstone, Gladius
Element Summoning, Aeon
Position n/a
Rank n/a
Homeworld Heart Court, The Planet
Age of Appearance 15
Original Name Andrew Alexander Martens

Redwx is a leaderless, solitary Nobody who traverses all three Planes of Existence in search of Summonstones.

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Redwx was born Andrew Alexander Martens of Heart Court, a world controlled by a parliament of four corrupt aristocratic families. Following his grandfather's footsteps, "Drew" joined the resistance army known as the White Chessmen - a group working underground, rarely confronting the ruling powers directly, unlike their counterparts the Red Chessmen - a militant group, famous for rioting and direct attacks.

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