Worlds are distinctive lands comprised of the shards of Light and Darkness that were drawn back together when the first world was overtaken by Darkness. Below are listed the known worlds in the Planes of Existence.


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These worlds are near the "Cornerstone of Light," are tightly packed together, and are connected by Gummi Routes

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Boundary WorldsEdit

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  • Space Ports
    • A collection of small worlds that are interrelated and share a common government. Their people use special space vessels to traverse the Lanes Between.
    • Deep Space Vessels (Lilo & Stitch)
    • Benbow Inn, The Treasure Planet (Treasure Planet)
  • Euclid
    • Raxen's Homeworld
  • Teramis
    • The Four Kingdoms
    • Xiron's Homeworld
  • Ilestra
    • Riaxa's Homeworld
  • Koyeza
    • Noxthajan's Homeworld
  • Sercoss
    • Fenrisulfx's Homeworld
  • Dhairyliam
    • Lyax's Homeworld
  • Finality
    • Xikya's Homeworld
  • Heart Court

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