This page is for the Lesser Nobody known as a Sorcerer. If you were looking for the profession, see here: Mage.

Official Artwork
Level High
Affiliation Organizations
Leader Xemnas (former)
Main Ability Nothingness Energy
Reaction Command n/a

Sorcerers are a type of Lesser Nobody created by Organization XIII.

Appearance Edit

Being the former superior's lesser nobodies, they are some of the most dangerous and lethal nobodies. Their appearance is less so, whereas the other nobodies are various in their design and colour scheme, sorcerers are basic in their design, and the least decorative. Their entire nobody body is covered in a full body straight jacket extending down to a gown where the feet would be. Whereas other lesser nobodies have openings. every bit of the sorcerer, including the face is covered. The only pointed parts of their outfit are their shoulders and hips. Their hood is covered in crossing zippers, the hood sinking in and flat where the face would appear. Their arms are crossed over the chest in a prayer position, zipped together where they connect. Their entire body flows and moves erratically like pulsing water, being the closest to the element of nothingness.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

They are masters of their element, using nothingness in the form of large pink cubes that surround them at all time. Being manipulated while they are close by, they bludgeon the enemy with merciless tenacity. With no reaction command possible to their attacks, it's key to wait and dodge their attacks as one encountering them waits for a chance to counter. Akin to the magical prowess found in their name, most to nearly all types of magic are useless against them.