The Castle that Never Was is a massive fortress that hovers above the Great Chasm of The World that Never Was. It acts as the Dark City's unofficial capital, and is the closest point to Kingdom Hearts. Residents of the world often refer to it simply as The Castle.

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The Castle that Never Was is large enough to act as its own small city. There are countless locations within it, most without any notable purpose, other than simply moving from the bottom to the top of the Castle by foot.

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A large circular platform atop the tallest spire of the Castle. This is the closest point to Kingdom Hearts that can be reached by foot. Nobodies often come here to listen to the "singing" of the Hearts within it.

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Formerly high in the Altar Tower, the Proof of Existence in now a massive room deep in the core of the Castle. It contains a panel displaying the name, title, and weapon of every known human-form Nobody. The panels are blue if that Nobody still exists, be he/her a Nobody or returned to their whole state. If that Nobody dies, the panel turns red. It can be assumed that if the Nobody becomes whole and then dies, their Proof of Existence will turn red as well.

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