The Recruit
Official Artwork
Number unknown
Title The Blue Mage
A.K.A. Recruit A, New Kid, Newbie, New Recruit, Recruit, Fresh Meat
Weapon n/a
Element Blue Magic
Position Member
Rank Recruit
Homeworld unknown
Age of Appearance unknown
Original Name unknown

The Recruit is the player character in the OE video game. He is never given an official name, as his name is chosen by the player. Other members refer to him commonly as "new kid," "newbie," and other such terms.

Story Edit

Personality Edit

The Recruit is very quiet, and seems someone cold and uncaring - possibly due to his relatively new status as being without a Heart.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

As a blue mage, the Recruit has no weapon or ability of his own, but rather uses those of the enemies and allies he encounters. His signature move is "Learn," which allows him to learn the ability of another.

He can only use weapons that he finds or buys. He begins with the Basic Sword.

Coat Edit

For unknown reasons, the Recruit wears an armored version of the Organization Eternal Member's Coat, even before he has entered the Tower for the first time, while other members only wear regular Member's Coats, even after some time in the Organization.

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