Tustin Deikov
Official Artwork
A.K.A. Tust, Nemesis
Title n/a
Affiliation Organization Eternal, Aldruin
Homeworld TWTNW, The Four Kingdoms
Height 1'5" (at 5 months), 6'1" (eventually)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue-green
Job Formal Guardsman of Aldruin
Class Warrior
Weapon Proficiency Sword, Keyblade, Knives
Magic Proficiency n/a

Tustin is the son of Xiron and Jinx, and twin brother of Marya.

Story Edit

Before Birth Edit

The twins were conceived despite both parents thinking that Jinx was "fixed" and unable to bear children. Due to a supernatural healing process performed on her, her previous condition was nullified.

Several months into the pregnancy, Jinx was kidnapped by the Keyblade Rogues, who performed Darkness-based experiments on her womb. They attempted to force Tustin's tiny heart into destruction so he would be born a Nobody, which they believed would spawn a rare and valuable Keychain when killed. Fortunately, Marya could not be seen on an ultrasound due to "hiding" behind Tustin, and so the Darkness was spread to the two of them, and neither lost their Heart.

However, Jinx was unfortunately bitten by a rat while imprisoned that was infected with a different strand of Darkness. The two Darknesses fought each other within her body, again negatively effecting the babes. When the first was removed from her, the Blue Dark took over her body, spreading Darkness throughout her. It also transformed her into a blue dragon, forcing the babies into dragon eggs rather than their usual habitation.

Other than large bouts of stress, the pregnancy went fairly well following her return to normal. The twins were born on March 4, 24 AFX, Tustin being born about 15 minutes before Marya. They were born 7 weeks early, to the day.

Present Day Edit

Even at 5 months, Tustin is very curious and loves to explore. He remembers people by the shape and color of their eyes, and hates noise of most any kind - even to the point that he refused to cry unless he couldn't contain himself for several months, afraid of his own noise. He is very happy and likes most people - other than Marya who pulls on his ears.

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