Several Virtual Reality Training Rooms exist across the Planes of Existence. Running on Radiant Garden Virtual Reality Simulation Equipment, they create lifelike simulations of actual creatures that can provide a safe but realistic training environment.

Functions Edit

Garden of Assemblage Edit

The Castle that Never Was Edit

Memory's Skyscraper Edit

The Training Room of Memory's Skyscraper, often referred to as "The T.R.," is located deep underground, as the lowest basement of the Tower. The only things below it are the compounds that lead to the Dark Core of The World that Never Was.

It is a large rectangular chamber, approximately 200 yards long and 100 wide, with its ceiling high above. It has blue-white floors, and white walls and ceiling, and its only decoration is a large black circle at the center that houses a slightly raised black Eternal emblem. The upper half of one wall is a transparent barrier, behind which are several rows of bleachers, allowing for viewing of the in-progress training. At one end is a stairway leading into the control booth, with a small control board at their bottom for quick adjustments. The control booth at the top of the stairs is a small, square room filled with control boards and computer terminals that can be used to make exact adjustments to a session. There is also a locker filled with basic medical supplies for quick healing. The TR can only be reached by elevator and through the control booth.

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