Worlds are life-sustaining planets connected by interstellar pathways called Gummi Routes. There are countless worlds in the universe, many of which are unknown or unexplored. Several characters in the OE Universe have taken it upon themselves to search the Realm of Light, Realm of Nothingness, and even the Realm of Darkness to discover new worlds to add to the Gummi Map.

History Edit

There is a story told in Radiant Garden about the creation of the worlds:

In the beginning, there was only one world, surrounded by Light. However, the people of that world began to fight over control of that Light, and Darkness crept into the world through their greed. Their Darkness crushed the Light and destroyed the world. Only the pure Light in the Hearts of children was able to pull the Light back together and create worlds once more. They were separate and divided, but still connected by pathways of Light.

The validity of this story is unknown. This may only apply to the Realm of Light, so it is unknown how the worlds of Darkness and In-Between were created. It may also simply be a story, created to explain the divided worlds.

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Core Worlds Edit

Core Worlds are Worlds that comprise the majority of their respective Realm, close to its center, tightly packed, and connected by Gummi Routes.

Heartless Worlds Edit

Heartless Worlds are worlds created from the fragments of other worlds that were consumed by the Heartless. The heart fragments of these worlds combine together into a new World Heart. Known Heartless Worlds include Traverse Town and The End of the World.

Heartless Wastelands Edit

Heartless Wastelands are worlds that were overrun by Heartless, but never lost their own Heart. All the Hearts on the world were taken, so no living thing exists on the world anymore, making it a barren wasteland. Only Heartless survive on these worlds - any new presence on the world is usually attacked almost instantly.

Nobody Worlds Edit

Nobody Worlds are worlds that were created without their own Heart, the same as Nobodies. Thus far, only The World that Never Was is known to be a Nobody World.

The Out Worlds Edit

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The Out Worlds are worlds far from the cores of their Realm. Due to their remote location, they are often unnoticed by other denizens of their Realm. Even the Heartless took many years to finally reach the Out Worlds of the Realm of Light. They have their own Keyblade and Master to defend them. Worlds include the homeworlds of Raxen and Xiron.

The Inner Worlds Edit

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The Inner Worlds are worlds within worlds, including places like Space Paranoids and 100 Acre Woods. They too have their own Keyblade, though they fall under the jurisdiction of other Keyblade Masters.

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