This is the article for the Complete Being Xiron the Green Spirit. If you are looking for his Nobody, see here: Xiron (Nobody). If you are looking for his Heartless, see here: Sir Xiron.

Xiron GreenSpirit
Official Artwork
A.K.A. The Green Spirit, the Hunter, the Lord Knight Xiron
Title The Lord Knight Xiron, Captain of the Hunters of the North
Affiliation The Hunters, Aldruesse Army, Aldruesse Militia
Homeworld The Four Kingdoms
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Green
Job Smith, Captain of the Hunters, Militia General, Head Adviser of War
Class Warrior
Weapon Proficiency Swords, Bows
Magic Proficiency n/a

Xiron GreenSpirit was a well-renowned warrior of his homeworld, known only as the Four Kingdoms.

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Main article: Xiron (Nobody)

Things mostly settled after the war, but landlords are always at odds with each other, and love to show their muscle. Less than a year after the war ended, the Hunters were hired on again for more a show of force than an actual battle - that is, until the Heartless arrived. They attacked the Hunters and soldiers, and even the landlords. Xiron fought against the creatures to defend his people, but the sword of an Armored Knight pierced his back, and his Heart floated away into Darkness.

Xiron awoke in Twilight Town, his armor and helmet that he had used to protect his own fragile state of mind gone, and an aching hunger in his chest. He found a young man appeared to him here, and offered to take "Rixxon," the new him, to a world of others like themselves. Though at first he rejected the offer, his curiosity and ignorance of his new surroundings convinced him to follow this strange man to the Palace of Dusk.

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